About Hungary

Bordered by countries as diverse as Austria, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine, Hungary is a crossroads at the centre of the continent – what was once known as Mitteleuropa – and it fuses old Europe and new in its mix of Hapsburg grandeur and Communist-era grittiness. There is Central European solidity to its food, buildings and culture, but the more exotic, and undeniably romantic, founding myth of the nomadic, warrior Magyars from the Central Asian steppe is also key to Hungarians’ fiery national pride.

A few hours’ travel beyond Budapest is enough to access Hungary’s other key charms, from Serb-influenced Szentendre, a short way north along the Danube bend, to the lush wine-growing Badacsony region on the shores of Lake Balaton to the southwest. Balaton, the “nation’s playground”, also plays host to crowded summer party resorts such as Siófok, or gentler Keszthely. Hungary’s three most culture-rich towns beyond Budapest are scattered across the country but not to be missed:

Sopron, close by the border with Austria. Sopron boasts 240 listed buildings, including the 12th-century Firewatch Tower, Storno House and the Gothic Goat Church, while Kőszeg's Jurisics tér contains a treasure-trove of baroque, renaissance and Gothic architecture.

Pécs, on the far southern tip, ringed by alpine hills, is also home to the fifth-oldest university in Europe and has many fine examples of architecture from the Ottoman period as well as many Habsburg period buildings.

Eger, just northeast of Budapest, a mellow, historic city famous for its Bull’s Blood wine. Eger is one of the country's oldest and most colourful cities, which boasts around 200 historical monuments that include a castle and a 14-sided Ottoman minaret.

Further on, across southeast Hungary stretches the enormous Great Plain, covering half the country and home to some beautiful national parks and the cities of Szeged, Kecskemét and Debrecen.

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