Junior Day

IACEP European Regional Conference 2014

If you are a graduate student (PhD, MA, MSc) a young PhD, or a (Research) Master Student, you are very welcome to attend our, informal, IACEP Junior Day.

As a (starting) researcher you may not always have a finished study to present, but you would still love to go to a conference to meet and learn from the experts in your field. With our Junior Day we want to give young researchers the opportunity to present their research proposals and work-in-progress to a small group of other graduate students and experts. This makes it possible to receive meaningful feedback and brainstorm with people from all over the world about your work in an informal atmosphere. In turn, you get the chance to discuss and learn from other people's work. Of course such sessions require active participation! But of course you are also welcome to listen and learn a lot from this experience.

If you want to participate in this Junior Day, please submit a short abstract of your research here. As a participant you will be asked for more information at a later stage, and receive further information about the program. There will be plenty of room for in-depth discussions amongst the group.

Attending the IACEP conference provides a "free ticket" for the Junior Day, so all master and PhD students attending the IACEP conference are very welcome. This is your chance to have informal discussion with other students and experts in your own field of interest. Please contact us if you wish to participate in only the Junior Day and we will find a solution.

Submission information:

Submit an abstract of your research proposal of 300 words max.

Prior to the Junior Day you will be asked to provide a more in-depth summary of your research, including some key discussion points that you would like to receive feedback on during the Junior Day.

Of course, your paper or poster presentation is also very welcome at the main conference. For example you may want to organize a graduate student symposium and ask your supervisor to chair the session.

Program: IACEP 2014 Junior Day

Will follow.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Conference Dates:

June 19 – 20, 2014 (Opening Reception: June 18)

June 18, 2014 (Junior Day)


Early Bird registration deadline March 1, 2014

Abstract submission deadline May 1, 2014

Online registration deadline May 15, 2014