About Poland

Kings’ castle in Warsaw

Borded by countries as diverse as Germany, Slovacia, Cech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. In the North there is the Baltic Sea and in the South there are the Tatra mountains.

Poland’s first historically documented ruler, Mieszko I, accepted Baptism in 966 and adopted Christianity. The education of Polish society was a goal of rulers in 12th century and Polish nobility became one of the most educated groups in Europe.

In 1543 the Pole, Nicolaus Copernicus, an astronomer, published his epochal works, On the Revolutions of the Celestical Spheres) and became the first proponent of a predictive mathematical model confirming heliocentric theory which became the accepted basic model for the practice of modern astronomy. Another major figure associated with the era is classicist poet Jan Kochanowski.

A few hours travel beyond Cracow is enough to access Warsaw – Poland’s capital. During II World War city was razed to the ground by bombing raids and planned destruction and rebuild as a mixture of architectural styles.

City center in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is another interesting city located in Western Poland. It is on the River Oder. The market square in Wroclaw is the most significant part of the city. The buildings around the square are built according to different styles.


In the North of Poland you can visit one of the most beautiful Polish cities, called Gdańsk. Its’ amazing Old Town with buildings reconstructed in historical style draws attention of all the visitors coming to this outstanding city.

View from Gubałówka mountain

Zakopane is a town in the extreme South of Poland. It is a destination of tourists all over the year. Gubałówka mountain is the place where you can admire panorama of Tatra mountain.

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